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Kenny Rogers Roasters is all about people – our dedicated staff and of course, you, our supportive customers. We know it’s easy to get wrapped-up in how amazing our food is. So we like to use this space to show some love to the people at every level from all over the world who contribute to our family with their unique stories and their shared passion for KRR. 

A successful interview with Kenny Rogers Roasters will do more than land you a job; it will start a new career. Our company is growing and we are looking for a dedicated workforce to carry us into the future.

We are looking for talented individuals who will become part of the team. Our hiring process is open, and we will consider applications from all who see a future for themselves with our company, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.

We are looking to fill positions in management and business development, finance, procurement and marketing, including through social and digital media.

The most important element of the business is the customers, so we are also looking for chefs and restaurant staff. The importance of a good chef goes without saying, but the wait staff are the face of KRR. They are the people customers will remember, so we are looking for personalities – cheerful and courteous. A good experience almost guarantees repeat business.

In return, we treat all our employees with equal respect, and we will listen to all suggestions and/or complaints. We acknowledge that you have a life unrelated to your work, and we will work to help you maintain a balance between your professional and your personal lives.

We offer competitive salaries and benefits. Whether you have experience in this field or not, submit your cv to the address below. Try to convince us that your future should be part of our future.


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