Kenny Rogers Roasters UAE iPhone 14 Pro Max Winner

Kenny Rogers Roasters UAE Announces Lucky Winner for iPhone 14 Pro Max

At Kenny Rogers Roasters UAE, we take pride in celebrating our customers and their dining experiences. In an effort to show our appreciation, we recently hosted an exciting lucky draw campaign at our Al Ghurair branch. The campaign lasted for a month and was both straightforward and rewarding. All dine-in customers at Al Ghurair branch had the opportunity to participate by simply filling out a feedback form after having their meals. The form included a customer details section, allowing us to enroll them into the draw. And the grand prize? An Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max – a much-coveted device among tech enthusiasts and Apple lovers.

Live Raffle Draw

On August 13th, 2023, the moment that everyone had been waiting for arrived. We conducted a live KRR UAE raffle draw right from our restaurant and broadcasted the event on our social media platforms, primarily Facebook and Instagram. Customers were abuzz with anticipation, eager to see if fate would be on their side. To make the draw fair and exciting, we implemented a crucial rule: if the winner was not present in the restaurant during the draw, we would call them once to notify them. If they failed to answer the phone call, we would move on to the next lucky coupon, maintaining high levels of excitement throughout.

Unfortunately, the first two potential winners, in line with our one-call rule, were not present nor did they answer their phones when we tried to reach them. However, the third customer, whilst she was also not physically present in our restaurant, answered the phone call and was declared the winner. The thrill in her voice echoed through the restaurant as we officially declared her the fortunate winner of the iPhone 14 Pro Max – a prize eagerly sought after.

A Token of Appreciation for All

Kenny Rogers Roasters stands committed to serving every customer with equal dedication. As a gesture, the dine-in customer who assisted us to choose the fortunate winner was rewarded with a complimentary KRR dining voucher worth AED 200. This gesture expresses our appreciation for her help is selecting the winner. We look forward to offering more exciting experiences to our esteemed customers in the future. Stay tuned for more updates from Kenny Rogers Roasters UAE.