Kenny Rogers Roasters Wins Brand Laureate Award

Kenny Rogers Roasters Wins Malaysia’s Favorite Brand Laureate Award

Kuala Lumpur, August 16, 2023 – Kenny Rogers Roasters, the renowned American restaurant chain specializing in deliciously healthy rotisserie-roasted chicken, has won the prestigious Brand Laureate Award for being the Nation’s Favorite. The grand gala, held in the luxurious setting of Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, marked a remarkable recognition of the brand’s unwavering commitment to serving its customers with unparalleled flavor and culinary perfection.

The prestigious Brand Laureate Award, identical with its acknowledgment of exceptional brand management, perfectly aligns with Kenny Rogers Roasters’ constant commitment to delivering nothing short of the finest rotisserie-roasted chicken. This prestigious award acts as a beaming testament to the brand’s tireless efforts in consistently exceeding the expectations of its loyal customers, setting new benchmarks for quality, taste, and amazing dining experiences.

Having firmly planted its roots in Malaysia, KRR takes immense pride in upholding the best of culinary expertise. Renowned for its exquisite range of rotisserie-roasted chicken and an array of delectable offerings, perfectly complemented by delicious side dishes, the brand’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. This prestigious award not only acknowledges KRR’s mastery of the rotisserie art but also highlights our relentless dedication to innovation and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

The glamorous event held at the iconic Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur was graced by distinguished guests, esteemed industry leaders, and renowned personalities. The gathering served as the setting for the prestigious Brand Laureate Award presentation to Kenny Rogers Roasters, instilling an amazing sense of pride and satisfaction in the hearts of the brand’s loyal team members.

Kenny Rogers Roasters promised to continue pushing the bar even higher and dedicated this phenomenal accomplishment to its devoted consumers. KRR also promised an exceptional food experience on every visit and gratitude for the unyielding support and loyalty bestowed upon the brand, acknowledging the customers as the driving force behind the brand’s astounding success.

As Kenny Rogers Roasters adds the Brand Laureate Award to its growing list of honors, the brand exhibits the essence of healthy food excellence. The world’s favorite rotisserie maestro is prepared to continue thrilling palates with its incomparable flavors, creative products, and steadfast devotion to culinary perfection, as it embarks on a new age of success.

Recognized as the top choice of food lovers, Kenny Rogers Roasters is fully committed to creating remarkable dining experiences. It aims to bring people together – friends, families, and loved ones – to indulge in the irresistible charm of exquisitely roasted delicacies. This esteemed award serves as a continual reminder of the brand’s pursuit of culinary excellence while treasuring the connections formed and memories made around the dining table.