Grilled Fish

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Perfectly grilled fish, dusted with spices and herbs, comes with your choice of side, rice and a muffin.

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Grilled Fish

Perfectly grilled fish, dusted with spices and herbs, comes with your choice of side, rice and a muffin. Our grilled fish is sourced from the finest catches, ensuring its quality and sustainability. Each fillet is expertly grilled to achieve that perfect, smoky char, locking in its natural juiciness and tenderness, making it an attractive and perfect dining choice. All the vibrant flavors and fragrance of ocean-fresh fish will make your tastebuds SING.  Now THIS is how healthy food should be! We’re famous for our nutritious and delicious chicken, but many people love our amazing seafood too. It’s sautéed to mouth-watering perfection, and offered at a great value so everyone can enjoy. Come in to the favorite UAE restaurant for chicken and see how great we are at making fresh fish too.

Quantity and Serving Size: Each serving of Grilled Fish is sufficiently portioned for a single person.

Dining or Delivery: At Kenny Rogers Roasters, we offer both dine-in and convenient delivery/takeaway options for our valued customers.

Ingredients: Kenny Rogers Roasters grilled fish includes the following:

Sliced Sea Bass: Our Grilled Fish is like the foundation of your meal. We use sliced sea bass, which is known for its soft and delicate texture. This choice ensures that every bite is incredibly tender and truly melts in your mouth.

Basil: Fresh basil leaves are like the superstar of our Grilled Fish. They bring a burst of amazing fragrance and a touch of sweet goodness to the dish. This herb takes the Sea Bass to a whole new level of gourmet deliciousness. It’s the secret ingredient that makes every bite extraordinary.

Lemon: Fresh lemon is like our hidden gem. When we squeeze it over the Sea Bass, it adds a zesty, tangy kick that wakes up your taste buds. It’s like a flavor explosion in every bite, making each bite a delicious symphony of tastes.

Salt: To elevate your Sea Bass dining experience, we season it with a precise touch of salt, enhancing its natural flavors to create a perfectly balanced taste sensation on your palate.

Garlic: We pick the best garlic cloves and mix them appropriately into the dish. This adds a rich, savory flavor that makes your grilled fish taste even better. 

Oil: We select a special oil for grilling Sea Bass. It adds moisture and a subtle, buttery touch that blends all the ingredients together perfectly.

Choice of Rice: Our customers can select between white rice and biryani rice. White rice is prepared by well trained chefs to achieve the ideal texture and flavor, making it the perfect complement to our grilled fish. Whereas our biryani rice is an exquisite journey of flavors and aromas. We begin by selecting high quality long grain rice and infusing it with a fragrant blend of spices and herbs. We create a rich and flavorful rice dish that stands on its own as a food masterpiece, offering a unique taste experience that perfectly harmonizes with our grilled fish.

Variety of Side Dishes: Kenny Rogers Roasters offers a variety of side dishes to make your experience better. You can select one side dish from our range of side dishes that include coleslaw, potato salad, fresh fruit salad, golden corn & carrot, mashed potato, steamed vegetables, and macaroni & cheese.

Muffins: The grilled fish is served with our famous homemade muffins, which we carefully craft from a cornmeal batter and corn kernels. We oven-bake them until each muffin achieves golden brown perfection.

Allergen Information: Please be aware that our product may contain common allergens like dairy, garlic, seafood, nuts, and gluten. If you have any questions or concerns regarding allergens, do not hesitate to reach out to our outstanding customer care team.


3 reviews for Grilled Fish

  1. Nabil Shaukat Butt

    The grilled fish by Kenny Rogers Roasters Dubai is not less than a gem. It grilled fish was cooked to perfection unlike other restaurants who serve half cooked or over cooked, tender, and delicious in flavor. There was one side dish which is sufficient as you also get a good amount of rice and their most famous home made muffins. Loved it and recommended to all.

  2. John

    Recommended by my friend. I have to say, I enjoyed every single bite of it. The fish is very fresh and delicious.
    You should try it along with the steam veg side! Both are perfect match.
    Excited to recommend the same to my mother who loves to eat sea food. 101% sure that she’ll love it.

  3. Jazzmhin Tolentino

    Highly recommended. Definitely the best place to eat savoury grilled fish, the fish is fresh and expertly cooked. Will surely come again.

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