Halo Halo

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Savour your summer with HALO HALO, a delicious mix & goodness of 15 ingredients. Enjoy various layers of flavours & textures, all in a cup



Halo Halo

Savour your summer with Kenny Rogers Halo Halo, a delicious mix & goodness of 15 ingredients. Enjoy various layers of flavours & textures, all in a cup, with our Halo Halo at Kenny Rogers Roasters—a dessert masterpiece that tantalizes your taste buds with a symphony of flavors and textures. Our Halo Halo is carefully crafted using a divine mixture of 15 mouth-watering ingredients, each contributing to its irresistible charm and appeal.

Quantity and Serving Size: Each serving is perfectly sized for one person.

Dining or Delivery: At Kenny Rogers Roasters, we provide our valued customers with the choice of both dining in at our restaurant or enjoying the convenience of delivery or takeaway options.

Ingredients: Kenny Rogers Roasters Halo Halo includes the following:

Sweetened Banana: Sweetened banana in dessert adds natural sweetness, creaminess, and tropical flavor, enhancing the overall texture and taste of this popular Filipino mixed dessert.

Sweet Sugar Palm Fruit: Experience the delicious flavors of Sweet Sugar Palm Fruit, an exotic and vibrant tropical gem. With its irresistible natural sweetness and colorful charm, it transforms Halo Halo into a taste of paradise, leaving you craving for more.

Ube Jam: Ube jam, known for its deep purple color and sweet, natural flavor, adds an authentic touch to your dessert, making it truly captivating and unique.

Shaved Ice: Shaved ice adds a refreshing, textural contrast, cooling and complementing the sweet ingredients in this Filipino delicacy.

Gulaman: Enhance your dessert with bright and playful gulaman cubes. This addition elevates presentation and adds a charming twist, turning your treat into an attractive textural wonderland.

Leche Flan: Our carefully crafted and professionally caramelized leche flan, expertly prepared to create a velvety and creamy sensation, promises a rich and luxurious experience with every spoonful of halo-halo.

Wafer Sticks: Thin and crunchy, these wafer sticks give a perfect crunch to your Halo-Halo, making it feel even more enjoyable and turning it into a wonderful experience for your senses.

Toasted Coconut: Delicately toasted to a golden perfection, our coconut brings out its satisfying aroma and nutty flavors, creating a perfect taste combination in every bite.

Ube Ice Cream: Made with great care, our ube ice cream has a rich purple color and a genuine, heavenly ube taste that captivates your eyes and taste buds with its magical flavor.

Pinipig: Pinipig, a toasted, crunchy rice topping, introduces a captivating contrast with its rich flavors, creating a balanced blend of textures and tastes that elevate the flavor of your desertt to a level of perfection.

Sweet Jackfruit: Sweet Jackfruit, with its tropical sweetness and unique texture, adds a fantastic burst of flavor and visual appeal to Halo Halo, making it more delicious.

Sweet Milk: Sweet milk is the silky touch that brings everything together, making each bite a wonderful and truly satisfying experience.

Sweet Red Beans: Adding a touch of comfort, these tender sweet red beans create a pleasing contrast that enhances the overall flavor profile of your Halo Halo, leaving you with a truly satisfying experience.

Macapuno Strings: Perfectly sweetened, macapuno strings provide a tropical touch with their tender, coconut-infused texture and a sweet embrace, contributing a tasty chewy element to the blend.

Sweet Chickpeas: Sweet Chickpeas are the secret to making it extra special. These soft beans add a unique twist to the beloved Filipino dessert, making it truly extraordinary.

Allergen Information:

Please note that our Halo Halo may contain allergens, such as nuts, dairy, and gluten. It’s essential to check with our staff if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.


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