Classic Healthy Plate

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1/4 roasted chicken, kani mango salad, fruit salad and a muffin

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Classic Healthy Plate

1/4 roasted chicken, Kani Mango Salad, Fruit Salad, and a Muffin – the heart of Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Classic Healthy Plate. Our succulent roasted chicken takes center stage, offering a mouthwatering mixture of flavors and juices. Accompanying this star is the refreshing Kani Mango Salad, followed by the sweetness of our Fruit Salad. The meal concludes on a wonderful note with our homemade soft, freshly baked muffin. This thoughtfully curated combination ensures a balanced and satisfying dining experience, providing nourishment and joy in every bite.

Quantity and Serving Size: Our Classic Healthy Plate, excellently designed for a single person, is the ideal choice to satisfy your hunger.

Dining or Delivery: At Kenny Rogers Roasters, we provide the option of dine-in as well as convenient delivery and takeaway choices for our cherished customers.

Ingredients: Kenny Rogers Roasters Classic Healthy Plate includes the following:

Roasted Chicken: We prepare our roasted chicken with a unique marinating blend, crafted from special herbs and spices. Our chicken soaks in this flavorful mix for hours, undergoes a distinctive process, and emerges perfectly roasted. It is served with our very own signature sauce which makes it even more luscious.

Kani Mango Salad: Our Kani Mango Salad is a tasty mix of crabstick, sweet mango, and fresh veggies, dressed with a flavorful dressing for an exciting and refreshing dish.

Fruit Salad: The Fresh Fruit Salad is a vibrant mixture of seasonal fruits, filled with natural sweetness and served with a refreshing twist.

Muffin: Our special homemade muffins are made with a mixture of cornmeal batter and corn kernels. We bake them until they turn a delicious golden brown.

Allergen Information:

Please take into consideration that our product may include common allergens such as dairy, garlic, seafood, nuts, and gluten. If you require any information or have any concerns about allergens, kindly reach out to our outstanding customer support team.


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