High Fiber Meal

AED 30

1/4 Kenny’s roasted chicken served with caesar salad and corn & carrots



High Fiber Meal

1/4 Kenny’s roasted chicken served with caesar salad and corn & carrots forms the essence of our nourishing High Fiber Meal at Kenny Rogers Roasters. Each element is thoughtfully prepared to provide a fulfilling and healthy dining experience. Our succulent roasted chicken is complemented by the freshness of the salad and the wholesome appeal of the corn & carrots, ensuring a delicious and nutritious meal. The perfect balance of flavors and textures in this meal highlights our dedication to offering wholesome and enjoyable dining choices.

Quantity and Serving Size: The High Fiber Meal is accurately portioned for one person, guaranteeing a flavorful and fulfilling experience for an individual.

Dining or Delivery: Kenny Rogers Roasters provides the convenience of both dining and delivery/takeaway options for customers.

Ingredients: Kenny Rogers Roasters High Fiber Meal includes the following:

Roasted Chicken: At Kenny Rogers Roasters, our whole chicken is marinated with a unique blend of herbs and spices for 12 hours, ensuring a burst of flavor in every bite. After that, we cut it into pieces and use it for making a range of tasty dishes. Our special spices add even more flavor. We cook it in the oven at 160°C for 60 minutes until it becomes juicy and soft.

Caesar Salad: Our Caesar Salad includes fresh romaine lettuce, zesty onions, ripe tomatoes, and a touch of creamy Caesar dressing. Topped with a sprinkle of tasty Parmesan cheese and black pepper, it offers a fulfilling, timeless flavor.

Golden Corn & Carrot: Our golden corn and carrot side dish combines the sweetness of corn kernels with tender carrot slices, expertly cooked and seasoned to achieve a perfect harmony of flavors that complements your roasted chicken.

Allergen Information:

Kindly note that our product might include typical allergens like dairy, garlic, seafood, nuts, and gluten. If you have any questions or worries about allergens, please don’t hesitate to contact our devoted customer support team.


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